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Rural Infrastructure and Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd (RIMC) is a pioneering consulting firm of Nepal, devoted to contribute to the nation building through professional, scientific and dedicated contributions. It was established in 2009 AD (2065 BS) as per the Company Act 2063 sub Article (1) of Government of Nepal (GoN) with a mission to support technical know-how and expertise for the use of resources for the long term development and sustainability.

The main objectives of the RIMC is to provide professional services on, Research & Development (R&D) in Nepal through, planning, training, technical assistance, harnessing potentials and opportunities, and fostering partnership among the key stakeholders. Our expertise in R&D of Planning Sectors, Hydropower, Agriculture & Forestry, Environmental Services, Alternative Energy and Climate Change,  through planning, design, policy formulation, management, training, monitoring & evaluation services, are our distinguishable strength. We are also competent in rendering consulting services for Survey, Mapping, Design and Construction of Engineering structures, Industrial Planning and Engineering, Rural & Urban Development, Management & Institutional Development, and Health Research and Surveys.

The well-structured and disciplined organization of highly capable and experienced executive panel of Managing Director and Technical Directors as well as the valued and competent Technical Experts and other staff members including agriculturist, environmentalist, hydrologist and meteorologist, engineers, and socio-economists are the backbone of the organization. In addition, contributions of other valued expert professionals being used as and when needed, are providing the indispensable strength to the organization.
Some of our major involvements include visionary projects such as Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) on the field of climate change, Data Collection and Analysis: Formulation of Low Carbon Economic Development Strategy (LCDS) for Nepal and Third-Party Monitoring/Verification of Installed Renewable Energy Systems through Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)/ National Rural and Renewable Energy Program (NRREP) and introduction of climate field school in Jhapa district to induce climate change resilient agricultural system with the financial support of Nepal Agricultural system with financial support of Nepal Agricultural Research and Development Fund, Ministry of Agricultural Development, Government of Nepal etc. Likewise, as an important agenda, we are currently running Skill Training for Reconstruction programme at Dhading, Nuwakot and Sindhuli district and providing training as well as technical assistance to the people whose houses have been completely destroyed by the earthquake on April 2015 so that they can build earthquake resilient houses on their own. The Program is supported by Helvetas/Nepal/SDC and Oxfam Nepal. We will be technically supporting the people to build their houses after the completion of the earthquake resilient building construction training.

RIMC Pvt. Ltd. is also providing consulting services to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) through various services of environment, social sector. We are also working for Environment and Social Project called “Safeguard Implementation and Monitoring Works of SASEC Power System Expansion Project” in Nepal Electricity Authority. Likewise, we are preparing Nepal Industrial Benefit Plan, Nepal Disaster Management Plan and Nepal Employment and Skill Training Plan in Arun-3 Sankhuwasabha district. The project is supported by SJVN Arun-3 Power Development Company (SAPDC) Private Limited.

All these long years of our allegiance and efforts together with the trust and co-operation of renowned collaborating partners, have brought us to an excellent position to proclaim our effort in achieving our intended goals of prosperous Nepal, for what we are always fully committed and thankful.

Our Mission

The mission of RIMC is to contribute intensively for advancement of Research & Development (R&D) sector in Nepal through, planning, training, technical assistance, harnessing potentials and opportunities, and fostering partnership among the key stakeholders. It is also our mission to facilitate in smooth and successful implementation of the long term and sustainable development interventions through technical know-how and professional, scientific and dedicated services.

Our Vision

RIMC envisions on building peace and prosperous nation by ensuring holistic and technical efforts in management of the immediate and visionary concerns of societies. It envisions all round development of nation with adequate infrastructure, economic prospects with proper utilization of natural resources; and ensuring equal opportunity and representation of citizens regardless of their sex, caste and ethnicity in all levels of interventions. RIMC further envisions in cooperation and collaboration of all public-private entities for the better organization of works and creating larger impact in the nation.

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