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Rural Infrastructure and Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


A well-known brand for financial consulting services is Rural Infrastructure and Management Consultant. A company founded by former bankers and chartered accountants, it offers a wide range of services, including loan syndication, project consulting, market research, and more.

We create value.

As a diversified infrastructure group focused on developed markets, we offer an attractive and well-balanced business profile. Invest with us in the world of tomorrow.

Experienced Team

Thanks to our years of diverse experience, we instinctively know and deliver what our clients need in order to be successful. We are well-versed when it comes to the tools and skills that are critical for effectively developing our client’s roadmap for change.

Extensive Services

With support from our industry partners and network of experts, there’s not much we can’t do for our clients. Our services run far and wide – from executive and leadership coaching to consulting for business organizations, and even personal level trainings like confidence.

Assess, Align, Achieve

At RIMC Consulting, we employ the Assess, Align, Achieve approach. It’s a fundamental yet highly effective process that helps our clients realize clarity and success. First, we assess your current state in terms of strengths and opportunities. From there, we align your people, processes and priorities to a strategy.

Personal Approach

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to the work we do. There’s only one way to bring clarity to our clients – we take the time to listen first, and then act. We’ll create a customized plan that aligns with your needs and will be certain to deliver the success you desire.

Our Support

Tomorrow, we will be here for you. We are not a flash-in-the-pan company. We have seen other companies come and go and we plan to still be here. We have survived and thrived during the recession created by Covid 19 when our competitors buckled and folded under the pressure. We shall be available for any support you require.

Awesome Results

In fact, we are proud to share with you the fact that we work case to case and individual to individual. We’re not the kind of company that ‘guarantees’ results but we do guarantee that we only hire the very best, and our experts’ skills, knowledge and experience and will set you up for the type of wins you can boast about at dinner parties.

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Strategy consulting

Strategic consultants assist you +in making high-level company decisions.

Marketing consulting

To assist you more effectively target or convert your targeted audience.

Career consultancy

We assist people in determining their strengths and the kinds of jobs they would succeed in.


We provide door-to-door service. For a very little fee, we work on your behalf to negotiate with several financial institutions and secure the best terms for you. We recommend the company and marketing plan for you. We assist you with paperwork completion and efficient processing.




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